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George Roberts

Product Manager

About Me

Hello! I'm George, a product manager with a strong background in leading projects from ideation to completion.

Coming from a family of machinists, manufacturing has been integral to my life. From a young age, I developed a strong interest in computer hardware and software. As a product manager specializing in manufacturing, I leverage my expertise in both fields to quickly grasp user issues, communicate effectively with diverse audiences, and collaborate with stakeholders to ensure successful project outcomes.

Over the past few years, I've developed a strong interest in AI and its potential impact on not just manufacturing, but our lives as a whole. I'm fascinated by how AI can revolutionize industries, enhance productivity, and bring about significant change.

Notable Projects

Machine Simulation
Machine Simulation
Post Processing
Post Processing
CAM Automation
Automated Manufacturing
Visual studio extension

Employment History

February 2019 to Present

My Product Management responsibilities include:
  • Strategic vision for Machines within Autodesk Fusion (Simulation, Post Processing and machine connectivity)
  • Roadmap planning and communication
  • Communication with customers
  • Collaboration with internal stakeholders
  • Managing team responsibilities
Key achievement

I successfully led the implementation of machine simulation within Autodesk Fusion shortly after starting as a Product Manager. I identified and communicated the shortcomings of the initial high-touch approach, securing leadership approval to change direction based on data-driven insights. I then coordinated efforts between newly formed and existing teams, ensuring clear vision and alignment. As a result, we delivered user-friendly machine simulation, achieving thousands of users within the first month of release.

This feature is now prominently showcased in almost every Autodesk Fusion manufacturing video and screenshot, significantly enhancing user experience and product adoption.

February 2019 to January 2020

My Product Owner responsibilities included:
  • Management of the Post Kernel backlog
  • Software release management
  • Sprint planning
  • Hosting team retrospectives
Key achievement

Initiated and led the development of an in-product library for post processors and machines, designed to be easily adopted by other teams for their own library solutions. Achieved successful implementation with four other teams using the shared library code, resulting in consistent user experiences.

This collaborative approach distributed maintenance and development efforts across multiple teams, significantly reducing the workload and enhancing overall efficiency.

September 2017 to February 2019

My Software Engineer responsibilities included:
  • Maintenance and development of Autodesk CAM post processors
  • Development of the Autodesk Fusion Visual Studio Code plugin
  • Up-skilling internal and external teams on Autodesk Fusion
Key Achievement:

As the first Autodesk Fusion employee in the Birmingham office, I successfully up-skilled the former Delcam teams by planning and executing effective training sessions. Provided ongoing guidance and user feedback on implementing solutions within the Autodesk Fusion environment, fostering strong relationships and a collaborative atmosphere. My efforts were instrumental in smoothly transitioning the teams from Delcam products to contributing to Autodesk Fusion, ensuring they felt supported and empowered throughout the process.

March 2015 to September 2017

My Technical Sales responsibilities included:
  • Technical sales for Autodesk design and manufacturing products
  • Manufacturing consultancy using Autodesk Fusion and HSMWorks
  • Training customers on multiple Autodesk products (Autodesk Fusion, Inventor, AutoCAD)
  • Custom application development
Key Achievement:

Led a custom development project to automate the manufacturing (design and 5-axis machining) of ductwork, guiding the initiative from ideation and sales to successful completion.

Prepared proposals tailored for personas from the shop floor to the company's owner, ensuring clear communication and buy-in at all levels.

Achieved a significant reduction in part-design time from 35-60 minutes per part to just 15 seconds. Enhanced machining accuracy, eliminating the need for hand finishing, and increased manufacturing throughput by 8-15x by optimizing sheet utilization and reducing operator input.

Awarded "Top Applications Engineer" by the Mensch und Maschine group for this innovative work.

May 2014 to March 2015

My Application Engineering responsibilities included:
  • CNC machine training for customers
  • CAM training for customers
  • Customer demonstrations
  • Installation of CNC machines
  • Maintenance of CNC machines
Key achievement

Whilst visiting customers, I observed countless customers struggling with using the CNC control and I decided to take on a 'weekend project' to tackle this issue.

To resolve the problem, I decided to build an iPhone application to give users 'instant help' with the use of their CNC machines.

The application was widely adopted and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

September 2008 to September 2013

My responsibilities included:
  • Sales and online marketing
  • Product development
  • Website development
  • Programming of CNC machines (Hurco, Heidenhain and Siemens controls)
  • Management of shop-floor schedule
Key achievement

I transitioned the companies business model from B2B to B2C.

To achieve this, I led the development of two websites and undertook all online marketing.

As a result, the company had an impressive online turnover within the first year of the website being live and took the largest single order within the first 6 months of the website being created.

Education / Certifications

Product Management: Focus - Pragmatic Institute

Product Management: Design - Pragmatic Institute

Product Management: Build - Pragmatic Institute

Product Management: Foundations - Pragmatic Institute

Inventor Certified Professional - Autodesk

HND Business Management - NEW College

Diploma in Computer software Development - NEW College

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